Augmentation Mamoplasty


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In this procedure, the bags of fat called "Bichat" are extracted to show a stylized and defined face in the areas of the cheeks.
Process safe
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Pexia Mamaria

It is a plastic surgical procedure also called Mastopexy, which consists of lifting and reaffirming the fallen sinus whose skin has lost its tone and elasticity. The Breast Pexy can be performed to women who enjoy an optimal state of health
Results Guaranteed
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Augmentation Mamoplasty

It consists of the placement of Silicone implants to increase and embellish the shape of the breast.
  • When the breasts have not developed or the volume is lower than normal.
  • When the development of the breast produces excess nipple and decrease breast volume.
  • When there are several pregnancies and lactation, there is emptying of the gland and flaccidity of the skin of the breast.
financing in 30 minutes
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Solve the aesthetic problems of your nose such as deviations and congenital malformations such as sequels of the cleft lip and palate, as well as other genetic factors or acquired by trauma and disease.
Results Guaranteed
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It is a surgical procedure that is used in plastic surgery that allows the shaping of the silhouette through the extraction of fat or adipose tissue from different parts of the body.
Stylize your figure with a safe surgery
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It is a plastic surgical procedure that is used to remove excess skin and fat from the abdominal area; with the ultimate goal of reshaping the abdomen, waist and body shape.
Safe procedure and guaranteed results

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