Professionals and Specialists first level

Our priority is to offer you and your family humanized, reliable and safe care with a suitable administrative, assistance and professional team.

We preserve Your Health

At Clínica ISIS we offer health services of medium complexity based on scientific knowledge and the human talent of our professionals and specialists.

Biomedical equipment of the latest technology

Our facilities are spacious, modern and comply with current legal and administrative technical standards.

Comprehensive care human

We are here to serve you and your family, preserving your health.

9 years
Preserving your health

CLINICA ISIS is an institution providing comprehensive health services (IPS) of medium complexity ambulatory with 9 years of experience and pioneers in patient safety protocols.
This is Isis Clinic

Know our Mission and Vision

Clínica Isis has the firm conviction of achieving recognition at the national level, as one of the main private health institutions with the greatest coverage and with the highest levels of safety and satisfaction, through the commitment to the proper implementation of the Patient Safety Program and the close monitoring of each one of our patients attended.

Because of this we are recognized

As a safe and reliable institution in patient safety protocols.


Professionals and Specialists






Happy patients

We are a clinic
Human, Reliable and Safe.

When you choose Clinic for your treatment or procedure, you guarantee to preserve your health, your safety and the accompaniment of a team of professionals and medical specialists committed to serve you.

  • Humana
    We are an integral human team that listens to you and answers your questions.
  • Trustworthy
    We deliver trust with a quality and efficient service.
  • Safe
    Our facilities are spacious and modern with state-of-the-art biomedical equipment.
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