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In Clìnica Isis, we are pioneers in patient safety protocols, so we want you to take into account, the care after your mammoplasty, liposuction, buttock augmentation or any outpatient surgical procedure, that you wish to perform safely.

A plastic surgery does not end when the patient leaves the operating room, it is the beginning for the surgery to be a success; In other words, postoperative care is the important process to ensure that recovery and results are positive, so that the patient is guaranteed to minimize complications.

How should you feed after your surgery? Feeding at this stage after surgery is essential for the healing of the skin, which favors the production of collagen and the generation of new blood cells; Also important is the intake of fluids to maintain the hydration of the body and thus favor the results of the surgery.

We must bear in mind that foods such as fish, some green vegetables and carrots, help in the process of reducing tissue inflammation; Therefore, the above is monitored through the follow-up of each patient, which is performed by the attending physician and the institution in the processes of prevention of complications after the surgical act; Therefore, the follow-up includes specialist medical controls, cures, control calls according to protocol until 6 months after surgery, adjustment in medication therapy and favoring the patient to his family, social and work life.

Some clinical manifestations to consider after a plastic or cosmetic surgery, which you must report immediately, are:

1.Redness of the area

2. Abundant bleeding

3. Bad smell in the wound

4. Nausea or vomiting


6 unbearable pain

Among other manifestations.

If you want to have a safe plastic surgery, which includes constant monitoring and all the guarantees in your procedure, Click here to know all the details of our area of Ambulatory Surgery.

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