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To begin, I want to reassure all patients, there is currently no breast prosthesis brand that is unsafe from the point of view of durability or resistance. If the 2009 crisis with PIP prostheses has helped, it has been to make the silicone implant industry the most guarded and controlled of all companies dedicated to medical products. Not only have the quality standards for granting and maintaining the CE marking of breast prostheses been increased, but also, surprise inspections have been carried out in all factories in the sector.

"High-end prostheses" 

Since the manufacturing of breast prostheses began, two American companies have traditionally been the great global masters of the implant market, these are Allergan (McGhan-Natrelle) and Mentor (Johnson & Johnson). These are two gigantic multinationals, with almost unlimited economic resources, for which their breast implant manufacturing departments are almost insignificant compared to the huge volume of pharmaceutical products they sell worldwide. The two American companies are currently the only ones that have FDA approval and CE marking, that is, they can sell in Europe and the United States, and are leaders in sales worldwide. Its policy has always been to maintain high prices and that is why they are colloquially called “high-end” or “premium”, etc…

"Mid-range prosthesis"

On the other hand, since the 1980s, a number of companies, most of them European, of smaller size, have been dedicated to making these two great colossi in the breast implant sector. Some have prospered to become large companies too, while others have disappeared for one reason or another. Currently in Spain the brands that compete with the Americans are mainly these five: Nagor, Sebbin, Eurosilicone, Polytech, Motiva and Blite (in order of seniority). The policy to compete with American companies has always been the same, better guarantees, more innovation, better distribution, better after-sales services, and lower prices, and for this reason they have been commonly called "mid-range".

"Silicone gel and cover are the same in all of them"

All the materials with which the prostheses are manufactured (the gel and the cover) are bought mainly from the same supplier, the company NUSIL, that when selling its products already specifies the way in which they must be treated by manufacturing companies. All this, together with the strict quality controls, makes the manufacturing methods of the cover and the quality of the gel practically identical between them.

How are brands different?

Textured: Each brand has its own way of texturing implants, with more or less rough implants.

Silicone crosslinking: All the silicone used for medical use is bought from the same companies, but then, each one of them gives it a viscosity grade. All are cohesive, but there are different viscosity (touch hardness).

Scientific studies: The oldest companies in the sector, especially the American ones, have more long-term scientific studies.

Guarantee: Each company offers its own replacement guarantees, both for breakage and capsular contracture.

R&D (Innovation): Each company has its own lines of research open offering innovations, some succeed and others eventually discarded.

Models, profiles, volumes: Each company has its own catalog with different volumes, profiles, etc ... adapting to what your surgeons demand.

Types of Implant provided by ISIS Clinic

Motive Implant

One of the most innovative devices, has its factory in Costa Rica, where it produces round and ergonomic implants; that is to say  comfortably adjusts the woman; having as an important benefits a microchip in the implant seal that contains the information of the breast implant that can be read with an electronic device and as a second benefit it has the guarantee for lifetime rupture and the guarantee for capsular contracture for  10 years .

Polytech Implant

It is a type of breast implant that is also a device manufactured in Dieburg Germany; It has breast implants with polyurethane cover  and microtextured and macro-textured implants, which have a lifetime warranty for breakage and capsular contracture guarantee  for polyurethane implants for 10 years.

Mentor Implants

It is a type of breast implant manufactured by the Johnson & Johnson company that is located in California and the Netherlands, this type of implants is characterized by being microtextured; that is, it does not adhere to tissues. It has a lifetime break guarantee and a capsular contracture guarantee for 10 years.

In summary, there is no concept of the BEST brand of breast implants, due to the different brands that improve functionality, anatomy and risk reduction every day through constant research by each research team.

Therefore, Clinica ISIS has for its patients 3 types  of breast implants that is certified by the FDA (US Food and Drug Administration) and CE (European Conformity that guarantees the manufacturer's commitment that it meets all the requirements and European Conformity Assessments)   which allows the Specialist Surgeon to have a better diagnosis to medically guide  about the implant that best suits the characteristics of each patient.

It is important to keep in mind that no breast implants are for life, for this reason the patient should have breast ultrasound exams annually to verify the status of the implants; hence the need to change implants in approximately 7 to 10 years.

Dr. Denys Arteaga C.

General Manager of Isis Clinic


https: //nusil.com/en/productsearch#life-sciences?segment=MedicalImplant






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