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Isis clinic is the preferred of many Colombians and foreigners to perform facial and body cosmetology procedures.


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Russian Currents

Treatment that results in the toning, firmness and shaping of the skin; by currents that allow the results to be noticed in a short time.
Safe procedure and guaranteed results
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Oxygen therapy

It is a non-invasive antioxidant treatment, based on the application of pure oxygen in the face; It improves the firmness of the skin, reduces wrinkles, stimulates the production of collagen, provokes a reducing effect of the volume of the face, helps to reduce enlarged pores, reduces acne, reduces dark circles and blemishes and has a relaxing effect on the skin of the skin. face.
Safe procedure and guaranteed results
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It is a non-surgical technique to eliminate localized fat through the use of low frequency ultrasound, which is applied on the area where the fat is found, which is eliminated through the urine or through the lymphatic system. It is also used to eliminate cellulite or orange peel skin.
Safe procedure and guaranteed results
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Radiofrequency (Reduction of Body Measurements)

It is a non-invasive body procedure to treat flaccidity and cellulite, producing again the collagen in the tissues of the skin (Tightening the skin); favoring the blood circulation of the skin and tissues.
Safe procedure and guaranteed results
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LED Mascara

It is the treatment that from the first session you can see the results rejuvenating your face and the production of collagen, optimizing the natural shine of your face. The LED mask is used in 7 different colors, which have a different effect on the skin.
Safe procedure and guaranteed results
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